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My name is Adam Goh and I am Sports Therapist and certified Personal Trainer. I am a big believer in everyone living a healthy, active, injury free lifestyle, as it enhances the physical aspect of our lives, but also has a huge positive impact on our mental and emotional health too

What is your goal?

Weight loss

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to lose weight. This could be for physical, competition, big events or for general health purposes. 

Allowing me to take you on your weight loss journey, I will help you create & reach your goals, help manage your nutrition, keep your body healthy and injury free and help you build a healthy relationship with exercise for the future

Strength / Muscle development

Are you looking at getting stronger or develop some muscle mass? It may be specific to upper body development, lower body (Booty building) or general full body development.

Taking me on your journey, you will receive the motivation, guidance, structure and knowledge of how to reach your goals effectively and safely. 

Sports specific training

Are you training as an athlete to try and develop certain aspects of your sporting game?

We can train to develop your hand eye coordination, agility, speed, strength, endurance and explosiveness 

Injury Rehabilitation

Have you got a sporting / musculoskeletal injury that requires treating and rehabilitation?

Available: Injury diagnosis, Injury treatment and Injury rehabilitation 

Affordable and Flexible



Your initial consultation is free of charge. This allows you to meet me either in person on via Zoom / FaceTime. I can gather the relevant information needed to design your programme and you can ask me any question about training or therapy 


1 on 1 Personal Training

This is your pricing plan for all 1 on 1 training sessions.


All sessions are 1hr long & all equipment is brought to you, unless you train at the clinic.

DISCOUNTED bundles available


1 on 1 Zoom sessions

You can have the benefits of me training you to reach your goals, but all sessions are done online! Gives you further motivation, guidance and structure.

45 min sessions


Train anywhere in the world!

£4.50 per person

40 minute Zoom HIIT & Abs

I run an online Zoom, high intensity class and Abs & conditioning class in the evenings twice a week. 

All fitness levels are welcome. You are working at your own pace


Sports Therapy Services

This is the starting price for injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Travel costs are not included if I have to travel for longer than 30 minutes. 

Prices can vary depending on frequency of sessions

£35 - £50

Sports Massage

Sports massage for injury, recovery or pre / post performance purposes are available. I can either come to you or you can choose to use the clinic in Ealing.

Options: 30, 45 & 60 minutes

Client Testimonials

Training with Adam has been such a positive experience. Right from the start, he has been engaged and enthusiastic about helping me reach my goals. He is attentive and motivating and it's very apparent that he is passionate about helping others with their fitness & health. Throughout training, he is great at gauging my progress and adapting my programme, making sure I always have a good challenge. It is also clear that he is very knowledgeable about the body as he is always able to answer any questions I have.


Definitely a bonus that Adam is able to keep everything fun and lighthearted while pushing you to reach your goals. Training is easily something I look forward to each week.

I've never had a personal trainer before and wasn't familiar with many of the exercises, but Adam was incredibly patient and professional. Helped to guide me through all the exercises and tailor the training to my personal goals. I was seeing results almost immediately.

Really can't recommend him enough.

L. Smith

Right from our first consultation, Adam has delivered a professional, courteous service and always with a smile! He developed a personalised fitness plan for my goals and constantly pushed me to help me reach my best.

M. Bhangra

J. Nicole

Couldn’t recommend Adam enough. Been training with Adam for about 6 months now and still enjoying every session. I have been smashing all my goals recently and it’s all down to Adam’s commitment and passion to help me improve.

G. Brown

Can't thank Adam enough for how much he has helped me with my fitness goals! His positive and friendly attitude really gave me the push I needed. I was really impressed with his depth of knowledge which allowed me to incorporate new exercises into my routine and I have noticed a significant improvement in strength and flexibility from this. Can't recommend enough!

K. Bhagat

If you look for someone to motivate and challenge you, who has great knowledge in training, therapy and nutrition, then Adam is the best man for the job. Been training with him for  months now and I can really see the results. Every session challenges me and he ensures I get the best out of a work out. Also being a trained Therapist, he is able to help with any physical problems. Highly recommend!

J. Mercer

Adam is such a great trainer! I started training alone at the start of lockdown and would stop my sessions as soon as I started to feel like my muscles were working. So I was in for a shock when I had my first session with Adam and he explained that when you feel your muscles are starting to work, that’s the point where the real work begins! He challenges me to really get the most out of our sessions.The fact that he’s always on hand to give advice and explain things clearly just goes to show how passionate he is about what he does.


I have seen such an improvement since having him as my PT - I’m so much stronger and I’m willing to give more to each session.
I really don’t know how I managed without a PT like him for so long.

Y. Biyi

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