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Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation 

As Sports Therapist, I have extensive experience and knowledge with sporting injuries, both personally and in their own careers. I have worked with elite professional athletes and Para athletes, successfully rehabilitating and training clients across the UK and helping others reach the Tokyo Paralympic Games.


Sports Therapy involves a detailed and individualised assessment and treatment of your sporting / musculoskeletal injury. The aim of Sports Therapy is to accelerate your return to sport whilst helping educate and understand your body to prevent for re-injury. 


Sports / MSK Injury

Injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Full body assessment

  • Gait Analysis

  • Soft Tissue Release

  • Mobilisations 


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Injury Rehabilitation

Gym or clinic based rehabilitation of the body, repairing and strengthen in order to perform at your highest level

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Sports Massage

For treatment or general maintenance of the body. If you require a pre or post performance flush or a full body reset, a sports massage could favour you. 30, 45 and 60minutes available.

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