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Build your own HIIT workout at home!

During this period of a global pandemic, many people have been forced / advised to stay home for their safety. In doing so, gyms have been closed. This however, does not mean we should stop working out! In fact, working out and exercising is more important than ever during times like these as it keeps our minds and bodies healthy, but also keeps our cardiovascular system strong, allowing our bodies to put up a better fight against any contracted viruses.

Many people go to the gym with a friend or follow certain workouts, but aren't always sure what to do themselves. This is the reason why I have created a document for you to use to overcome that problem. The document is laid out for you to create your very home workout session lasting min. 20 minutes. It allows you to pick and choose your exercises meaning you can focus on certain body parts if preferred.

The document is simple to use, it offers an example of a workout plan and it also has a list of recommended exercises to choose from. Simply pick your layout, choose your exercises, decide on your intensity/duration and then get exercising! Simple and effective.

Build your own workout HIIT workout
Download AGP • 147KB

If you have any further questions on types of workouts or how to do particular workouts, please feel free to give me an email.

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