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Top tips to help you stay healthy and injury free whilst working from home

Regardless if you are working from home or at the office, if your working life consists of you constantly being at a desk, you are prone to lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. These kinds of injuries can be caused due to a number of reasons. Two of the main ones being poor posture due to poor chair or desk set up and / or the lack of movement throughout the day.

Since Covid-19 has taken over and changed our working routines, it is important we all remain fit, healthy and injury free. Below are 6 tips to help you achieve this:

1. If you, like many, are working at a desk, make sure you have a good chair. A good chair is well cushioned and offers back support. A good chair will help reduce the risk of back pain. If your chair is too low for your desk, you will most likely be in a shrugged position when using your computer consequently leading to neck and shoulder pain.

2. Try your best to get up from your chair / desk every hour to move around and try to get out of the house at least once a day. It is recommended to go for a walk and get some fresh air and relax your mind, stretch your muscles and get the blood pumping around the body efficiently again.

3. Stay active! Schedule in your workout into your diary. Whether it be in the morning, during lunch or after work, make sure you get it done. This won’t only be beneficial for your body, but it is a great stress and anxiety reliever, which in turn helps you unwind and relax after work. If you are comfortable with returning to the gym, do so, but stay safe! Alternatively, continue train from home.

* For further guidance, goal setting, online sessions, in person session or subscriptions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, even if you would simply like a chat about any fitness queries or injury issues.

4. Stay mobile. Good mobility is something that suffers greatly in those that have office jobs. Many find themselves sitting at a desk all day and find themselves having tight hamstrings, lower back pain and / or tightness / pain within the shoulders. The best way to keep your muscles loose throughout the day is by stretching and putting your joints through their ranges of motion. This can consist of shoulder rolls, leg extensions / flexions, back stretches or even going for a walk.

5. Create a good, open and positive environment. This will help you remain in a positive headspace throughout the day whilst helping to reduce the stress that is commonly built up throughout the day. When we become stressed, we tend to unconsciously tense up. This can cause muscle tightness and joint stiffness overtime leading to complications.

6. Eat well and STAY HYRDRATED. Staying hydrated isn’t just important for our physical health, but crucial for our mental health too. Staying hydrated throughout the day allows you to remain focused and alert for longer periods of time. This can lead to the increase in your work productivity levels.

If you are struggling with keeping fit at home and are not so keen on heading back to the gym within the near future or are suffering from any injuries, please feel free to give me a message. I am more than happy to help and get some normality back in your lives. I have a range of offers that can be used for general fitness or rehabilitation purposes.

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