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Your initial consultation is free of charge and allows you to meet me either in person on via Zoom / FaceTime.

This is done prior to your session to gather the relevant health and fitness information, get a better understand of yourself and any limitations and gives you time to complete safety forms.


1 on 1 Personal Training

All in person sessions are 1hr long, can be done at home, in a gym, outdoors or at your work place. In person sessions allow me to bring a variety of equipment for you to use during your sessions.

There are Covid-19 safety protocols currently in place to keep us both safe.

Single Session | £50.00 (Ind. £50.00)
10 Sessions | £400.00 (Ind. £40.00)
20 Sessions | £700.00 (Ind. £35.00)

 Zoom training sessions

1 on 1 online sessions are extremely beneficial as you can train anywhere in the world. The sessions are designed around your individual goals and the equipment you have available (if any). All sessions are 45 minutes, unless requested otherwise.


Great option during the Covid-19 period as it keeps everyone safe.

Single Session | £30.00 (Ind. £30.00)
5 Sessions | £137.50 (Ind. £27.50)
10 Sessions | £250.00 (Ind. £25.00)

Sports Therapy Services

Sports Therapy services include initial MSK injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.


Prices will vary depending on frequency of sessions / treatments

Initial Assessment and Treatment | £50.00 (45 mins)
Follow Up Session (30 mins) | £30.00
Follow Up Session (60 mins) | £60.00
Rehabilitation Session | £50.00

Sports Massage

Sports massage for injury, rehab, recovery or pre / post performance purposes are available. Home visit available.

Block booking discounts available upon request

30 minutes | £40.00 
60 minutes | £60.00

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