Your initial consultation is free of charge and allows you to meet me either in person on via Zoom / FaceTime.

This is done prior to your session to gather the relevant health and fitness information, get a better understand of yourself and any limitations and gives you time to complete safety forms.


1 on 1 Personal Training

All in person sessions are 1hr long, can be done at home, in a gym, outdoors or at your work place. In person sessions allows me to bring a variety of equipment for you to use to aid your sessions.

There are Covid-19 safety protocols currently in place to keep us both safe.

DISCOUNTED bundles available


45 minute Zoom training sessions

1 on 1 online sessions are extremely beneficial as you can train anywhere in the world. The sessions are designed around your individual goals and the equipment you have available (if any).


Great for our lockdown / Covid-19 period as they keep everyone safe and keep you fit and hitting your goals!

Bundle discounts available 

Pinnacle Subscription 

Online Class Pass

Monthly £20 subscription

Access to 40+ online workout classes ranging from HIIT to Yoga and Pilates. 

All classes are saved and posted on the private FB group so you'll never have to miss a session again!


Sports Therapy Services

This is the starting price for an initial injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Travel costs are not included if I have to travel for longer than 30 minutes. 

Prices can vary depending on frequency of sessions

£35 - £50

Sports Massage

Sports massage for injury, recovery or pre / post performance purposes are available. I can either come to you or you can choose to use the clinic in Ealing.

Options: 30, 45 & 60 minutes