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Personal Training

Wanting to start your fitness journey today?

Real results, real change

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As a Personal Trainer, my main focus is to safely guide you through training sessions, educate you and help you achieve your set training goals! Everyone has different reasons to exercise and many have a variety of goals they would love to achieve.

All sessions are bespoke to every individual as everyone has different goals and imitations. The sessions are all carefully constructed to ensure you hit your optimal performance whilst avoiding any overuse injuries. As time goes by, as a client, you will become educated on exercise techniques, the correct forms, purposes of exercises and recovery techniques and also the dietary dos and don'ts.

I have trained clients that have had goals to build muscle, build strength, lose weight for health, but also for events such as weddings, develop overall fitness, improve cardiovascular fitness for running and half marathons and sport specific goals such as football and rugby. 

All PT sessions last 60 minutes and you can choose training bundles to either train alone, with a friend or with a family member.

I currently train clients outdoors in gardens, parks and open spaces, within a fitness clinic based in Ealing and also online. 

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